Premiere at the Centre Cultural Jesús of the children’s play ‘L’Aventura d’avorrir-se’


The Centre Cultural de Jesús hosted last night the performance of the children’s play L’Aventura d’avorrir-se, by the company L’Estaquirot Teatre, a show that combines puppets with actors and actresses to address how the children’s imagination is empowered by running. “The youngest children nowadays do so many activities and have so many stimuli that they really don’t have time for themselves, they don’t have time to learn to play like children”, emphasised Olga Jiménez, one of the actresses of l’Aventura d’avorrir before the beginning of the play.

The Catalan actress pointed out that L’Aventura d’avorrir-se is a play aimed at a family audience. “Many families come to see us. We are an independent company that performs our own shows at festivals and shows; we have a regular circuit”, Jiménez pointed out. This theatrical tour is intended to focus on the Balearic Islands, as the company has performed plays in Eivissa on many occasions. “We have been to the island several times; also to Mallorca and Menorca”, he explained.

The ensemble, which has been in existence for 48 years and has more than 10,000 performances and 41 different shows, is made up of Olga Jiménez who, as well as manipulating puppets, is the narrator of the show, the actor Albert Albà and the artist Núria Benedicto. The three of them bring to life the characters in this entertaining children’s show.

The show is directed by Guillem Albà and the figures were designed by Alfred Casas and later created by Casas himself, Pedro Jiménez and Rosa Maria Coca. The original music was composed by Ferrán Martínez and the lighting design by Oriol Ibáñez.

L'aventura d'avorrirse, teatre infantil
A moment of yesterday’s performance at the Centre Cultural de Jesús.
Arguiñe Escandón

Source: Periódico de Eivissa y Formentera


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