Within the prestigious Barruguet Festival in Ibiza, a unique and moving theatrical performance was staged exclusively for residents of the Can Blai center. This initiative is part of the integral Sa Xerxa ​​Teatre Project for everyone, generously supported by the La Caixa social work.

The prominent Catalan company Samfaina de Colors took center stage in this special evening, where the performing arts became a bridge to share emotions, laughter, and songs among the attendees. For an hour, the theater transformed into a magical space where stories came to life, touching the hearts of all present at the Can Blai center.

The performance not only showcased exceptional artistic expression but also emphasized the social commitment of the Barruguet Festival and the positive impact that art can have on the lives of seniors. This unique experience, supported by the town hall of Santa Eularia des Riu and la Caixa Foundation, demonstrates that culture is a powerful means to build intergenerational bridges and foster community connection.

social action barruguet
De Bracet during the show


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