reBOOOMbori, music at the Maó 2021 children’s festival


The Maó Children’s Theatre Festival brings us the value of shared emotions.

In the context of the Theatre for the Villages Project (TAP), it is part of the Maó Children’s Theatre Festival organised by the Principal Theatre of Maó, the Maó Town Council and Sa Xerxa for children’s and young people’s theatre of the Balearic Islands.

This time we present a show of musical animation that comes from the hand of the company Roger Canals and his show:

The Rebooombori!

“Explosive show of musical stage animation to shake up the audience. A whirlwind that will ram you to the rhythm of lively and stimulating music. A proposal of songs, dances and musical games that seeks the total participation of the real stars of the party, the audience. A group of high musical voltage and an animator with nuances, rhythm and sensitivity will propose that you enter into their game of provocations, in the spiral of a great re…BOOOM!…bori”.


Tuesday 11 May at 16:00h at the geriatric residence in Maó.

Friday 14th May at 11:00 and 13:00 h at the Carles Mir Centre.


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