Transhumance in es Mercadal and Fornells



On the day of the Fair, the streets are filled with colors and sounds that, as if they were announcers, announce to the people that that day will be different. The shop windows of the artisans who show the product made with their hands, the fairs, the shops on the street, smoke sellers, all this before arriving at the cattle stall.
As every year the Majoral and the shepherds have set up the herd to show their goats always guarded by their dog Rusky and show us their work between jokes, toasts and songs.
This year, despite how hard it is to get rid of what you appreciate, Majoral has decided that things are going badly and he wants to do Fira, he wants to win money, he says he has come to sell !!!!! Or not?

Parade for all audiences
Recommended age: All ages
Duration: 50 minutes

Monday 18 July at 7 pm in es Mercadal, in the center of town.

Tuesday 19 July at 7 pm in Fornells, in the center of town.


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